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Teen Texture Camp  is a free back-to-school style workshop is designed to empower  and equip teen girls with the knowledge and skills to understand their texture, care for their hair and build self-confidence.

Participants will learn basic hair regimens and go-to hairstyles to take them through the school year.


Tween and teen years are when most girls start to become self-aware and desire independence to style their hair. But black girls face a unique challenge because it requires a lot of patience and skill to create a style that will let them stand out for the right reasons. Sadly, a Black girl’s hair is often the source of her poor self-image and lack of self-confidence. But the team at Hi Texture Salon has stepped in to resolve this age-old problem.


Touted as a free back-to-school style workshop, Teen Texture camp is a half-day camp for tweens and teens between the ages of 10-16. The camp is designed to equip attendees with the skills and knowledge to build a strong foundation for caring for their hair. Resident stylists at Hi Texture Salon will empower the girls with information about texture and products, basic hair regimens, cleansing and conditioning, and hands-on skills for executing two-strand twists, flat twists, Wash-and Gos, and more. 


Owner at Hi Texture Salon, India Bertin, said: “When you’re a teen or tween, hair is everything. For the team at Hi Texture, this is more than a camp. This is a service to our community. We are equipping the next generation of Black women to embrace their texture and wear it confidently.” 

One parent, Shameka B., summed up the overall impact of the camp on her daughter. She said: “My daughter had been struggling with her self-esteem during her first year of middle school. After the camp, she was inspired and learned how to take care of her hair."


Media Contact: India Bertin


Update:  Registration is now closed.

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